About Us

PSK 24 foods is the outcome of a deep love for healthy and tasty food. It is a familyowned enterprise established by Pandit Shivkumarshhri, with hearty support from
his wife Mrs. Pallavi Shivkumarshhri.

Pandit Shivkumarshhri (CEO) (World Renowned Vastushastra and Astrology expert) , the Founder of PSK24 Foods, has intensely studied the age-old science of Vastushastra. A globally renowned Vastu-astro consultant, he has applied his knowledge to bring success to his clients in their diverse businesses. From sugar mills to power co-generation plants and automotive factories to food enterprises, Panditji’s consulting work has helped boost productivity and profitability in the
business environment.

Mrs. Pallavi Shivkumarshhri – EN & TC Engg. (Vastushastra & Numerology Expert) is a enthusiastic food lover and an entrepreneur since last 16+ years. She has deeply studied and experimented on food products like spices, instant mixes, ready to eat etc. and handles all the admin activities including factory production and management processes.

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